Relay Protection Of Substations

Company has wide and extensive knowledge in relay protection and control field at power distribution and transmission substations (up to 400kV). This service is one of the key competence within the company. Engineers are working with Omicron testing equipment and able to deal with the equipment from various manufacturers (ABB, Alstom, Areva, GE, Schneider Electric, Siemens)

PLC/SCADA Systems —

Team of engineers providing process automation and modernization solutions, implementing innovative technology products and solutions for increasing the efficiency at client businesses. Focusing solar energy and water treatment industries.

Remote Terminal Units (RTU) —

The group of engineers who has deep knowledge of the ABB, GE, Siemens and other RTUs and incredible know-how in energy protocols IEC-101, IEC – 103, IEC -104 and IEC61850. Constant development of work process, innovative ways of solving problems let them be faster at performed tasks.

Panels Manufacturing Center —

SET ELEC supplies cubicles and services to power supply companies, industrial customers, and customers in the energy and renewable energy sector (e.g. Oil and gaz , mining , and solar energy). We offer user-related turnkey solutions and workin close cooperation with our engineering office and suppliers.

Industrial Telecommunications —

WLAN, wireless, GPRS… You name it. Telecommunications group in SET ELEC can connect your distant equipment via almost any known modern IT network. TG provides incredibly wide spectrum of services with know-how of many industry suppliers. We create solutions, design and install radio, optical, Ethernet and other networks using different multiplexers (SDH, PDH).

Solar Energy —

Solar Farm Installations - planting the seeds of power ,Installation of solar panels on the scale required for a solar farm is a big task. But like most engineering projects, the installation of a solar farm is made simpler by breaking down the project into its component parts.

Learning Center —

A useful place , to find more information about our training offerings including other course guides etc. You can ask for Curriculum Guide.

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Our design engineers pay close and careful attention to detail and are highly skilled in both electrical design and system construction. This expertise are we using to develop complete solutions for Power & substation (3D models, primary equipment, secondary systems).

HV/MV Substation Erection & Testing Services

SET ELEC has a track record for erecting High / Medium -voltage and Low-voltage substations for our global clientele.
Integral to an electrical generation, transmission and distribution system, these substations transform voltage so that a power generation solution can get its job done. Through substation testing, we maximize the value of these assets across their lifecycle, ensuring unmatched reliability.

Panels manufacturing center

SET ELEC supplies cubicles and services to power supply companies, industrial customers, and customers in the renewable energy sector (e.g. Oil and gaz, mining, and solar energy). We offer user-related turnkey solutions and work in close cooperation with our engineering office and suppliers.


SET ELEC cover a broad spectrum of requirements and can supply a complete suite of options from small power distribution to sub mains and switchgear distribution systems, right the way back to the mains intake. This includes everything in between, steel infrastructure, trunking, ladder and basket.

Configuration / Parametrization

We have developed a great knowledge to configure and program equipment quickly and efficiently while keeping it selective, sensitive and reliable. As in everything a company does, we implement the gained knowledge of different technologies from major industry suppliers.

Factory acceptance tests (FAT)

SET ELEC engineers provides a comprehensive factory acceptance test in the most cost-effective way to ensure that your cubicles or panels operate correctly. As a highly qualified, independent third-party, we have the trusted skills and resources to perform reliable testing. We can organise FAT in our facilities or send our engineers to your workshop.

Commissioning (SAT)

One of the most important parts in any project is an efficient and reliable commissioning on site. SET ELEC engineers have the expertise to test and commission relays, RTUs, PLCs, SCADA. Our team checks for mistakes between
drawings and equipment on site, test all terminals and circuits, provides test reports.